Mishkat Al Masabih Urdu By Muhammad Bin Khateeb Pdf

Book Name: Mishkat Al Masabih Urdu

Writer: Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Khateeb


Imam Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Khateeb writes the book Mishkat Al Masabih Urdu Pdf. The author of the Islamic book was a prominent scholar of Islam. By compiling the book, the author engaged many followers from the Muslim world. It was one of his most reliable sources of knowledge of Ahadith.

The book Mishkat Al Masabih Urdu Pdf is an excellent collection of Ahadith. Muhammad Bin Abdullah compiled and selected all these Ahadith of Rasool Allah SAW from the books of Sihah e Sitta. This book of Hadith contains a collection from Ibn e Majah, Abu Dawood Sharif, and Bukhari Sharif. So, we hope that you will find this book Mishkat Al Masabih Urdu Pdf very useful.

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