Maqamat e Mazhari By Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi Pdf

Book Name: Maqamat e Mazhari

Writer: Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlvi


Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlvi is the author of the book Maqamat e Mazhari Pdf. The author of this famous book was the disciple of Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan. Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlvi remained with his master for many years and sought the terms of Sufism from him. It was only due to the prayers of his teacher that he learned the fundamental pillars of mysticism.

The book Maqamat e Mazhari Pdf is a beautiful gift for the followers of the greatest Sufi poet of Dehli. It is a biography of the great Sufi Mirza Mazhar Jan e Janaan Shaheed. He was a prominent scholar who taught Tasawwaf to his followers. His poetry is the most distinguished one, as it is considered one of the four pillars of Urdu poetry.

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