Islam Aur Isaiyat by Mufti Javed Ahmad Anbar Pdf

Book Name: Islam Aur Isaiyat

Writer: Javed Ahmad Anbar Misbahi


Mufti Javed Ahmad Anbar Misbahi is the author of the book Islam Aur Isaiyat Pdf. He is a great writer, thinker, philosopher, and scholar from India. He also has a ¬†good command of the subject of history. Mufti Javed read the history of the religions and then wrote about them in his books. Due to his great efforts, he enlarged Islam’s teachings throughout his entire life and got highly acclaimed fame by the scholars.

The book Islam Aur Isaiyat Pdf is a comparative study of the two big religions of the world. The writer discusses key issues and aspects of these two religions’ superiority, i.e., Islam and Christianity. Although Christianity is the world’s biggest religion, Islam supersedes this religion due to its greatness and sympathy. There is no compulsion and strictness in Islam for its objects and devotions. Bible, which is the religious book of Christians, also refers to the greatest book Quran and invites Islam.

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