Kitab Ul Shifa Urdu By Qazi Ayaz Pdf Download

Book Name: Kitab Ul Shifa

Writer: Qazi Ayaz


Hazrat Qazi Ayaz is the author of the book Kitab Ul Shifa pdf. The author of the book is a prominent scholar and researcher of Islam. He belonged to the Maliki school of thought and worked for it. He authored this Islamic book and gained immense fame worldwide. His primary objective was to reveal the period of Islam. Due to their excellent work on this book, many people love and read him.

Qazi Ayaz wrote the book Kitab Ul Shifa on Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He discussed in detail the holy days of Rasool Allah. In the 12th Century, this book became famous worldwide, and many great scholars preferred to read it. That is why this book is still viral in the Muslim world and has been translated into many world languages.

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