Kashmir By Chiragh Hasan Hasrat Pdf

Book Name: Kashmir

Author: Chiragh Hasan Hasrat


The book Kashmir Pdf is the travelogue of Chiragh Hasan Hasrat. Chiragh Hasan Hasrat is a renowned Pakistani writer and poet. He wrote 16 books, and most of them are poetry collections. Some of them portray personal views while the remaining are his travelogues. He was born in Kashmir but, after enrollment, migrated to Pakistan with his family.

Chiragh Hasan Hasrat writes the book Kashmir Pdf, another excellent mentality approach to his writings. It is about the beauty of the most wonderland on the earth. This area has a unique record of being a land of beauty which attracted people worldwide. By seeing this area, everyone falls into it and wants to remember it. The writer was born in that area, so he showed all the beautiful places in this book.

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