Hisaar Novel by MA Rahat Free Pdf Download

Book Name: Hisaar Novel

Writer: MA Rahat


MA Rahat authored the book Hisaar Novel Pdf. The novella’s author is a great Urdu fiction writer, historian, biographer, and novelist. He authored many best books and stories, which brought him to the list of the most prominent Urdu writers. His many stories urged the readers to make a separate way of reading the books.

The booklet Hisaar Novel Pdf is another great novelty by MA Rahat. This novella is about the life of an honest police officer who wants to get rid of the corrupt drug mafia. He always does his best but does not succeed due to the worse political system. Suddenly, he meets with the lady reporter, who helps him to uproot this bad thing from our society. After all, he comes up with a new passion and arrests the big mafia.

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