Doosra Khuda Novel By Rizwan Ali Ghuman Pdf

Book Name: Doosra Khuda

Writer: Rizwan Ali Ghuman


Rizwan Ali Ghuman is the author of the book Doosra Khuda Novel. The author of this novel is a new Urdu writer who lives in Germany. He writes journals and columns in Urdu from abroad. This novel was his first writing which secured him a lot of fame as a romantic stories writer. Now, he has made his name among foreign Urdu writers.

The booklet Doosra Khuda Novel Pdf by Rizwan Ali Ghuman is a beautiful romantic story. This novel is full of those stories which melt the hearts of loving couples. It is the story of a boy who goes to America for his love. He wanders alone on the roads of the biggest country but doesn’t find his passion. But one thing comes before him: the taste of love and loneliness.

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