Gorilla Headquarters Novel By H Iqbal Pdf

Book Name: Gorilla Headquarters

Writer: H Iqbal


H Iqbal writes the book Gorilla Headquarters Novel. The author of this charming novelette is a great novelist and writer. He authored a series of Major Parmod, which became very popular among the readers. The writer beautifully wrote this fiction story, which gave him much fame among the Urdu novelists.

The book Gorilla Headquarters Novel Pdf by H Iqbal is a much thrilling story. This novelette revolves around the guerilla activities of Major Parmod, who fights against the enemies. It is an amazing story that tells the guerilla operations of the companions of the Pramod. Moreover, it is full of action, thriller, fight, and suspense, which the readers liked very much. I hope you will like the book Gorilla Headquarters Novel Pdf by H Iqbal and share it.

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