Bayaz e Ajmal By Hakeem Ajmal Khan Pdf Free Download

Book Name: Bayaz e Ajmal

Writer: Hakeem Muhammad Ajmal Khan


The book Bayaz e Ajmal Pdf is about the treatments of various diseases written by Hakeem Ajmal Khan. He was an eminent physician in Dehli who has a lineage from the great physicians. His grandfather was the physician to the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam. He founded the Tibbia college in Dehli where people sought treatment through herbal medicines.

This book Bayaz e Ajmal Pdf is the collection of different catalogues which help in the cure of diseases. It provides better and easy tips for the treatment of fatal diseases. Besides giving helpful counsels to the patients, this book narrates the symptoms founded in them. It is one of the most valuable books which promote Unani medicines or Tibb e Unani with Eastern herbal medicines. I hope you will like this book Bayaz e Ajmal Pdf.

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