Hazrat Umar Ke Faislay By Abdullah Madni Pdf

Book Name: Hazrat Umar Ke Faislay

Writer: Muhammad Abdullah Madni


Hazrat Umar R.A is the most significant and greatest name in the history of justice. He was the man who set an example of justice. The book Hazrat Umar Ke Faislay Pdf is the collection of the decisions made given by him. All the Islamic states follow his decision in lawmaking. Muhammad Abdullah Madni wrote this book and earned a lot of respect through this writing. The language of the book is easy to read and understand.

The book Hazrat Umar Ke Faislay Pdf is all about the decisions of Hazrat Umar R.A. This book contains the accurate and speedy justice of Hazrat Umar R.A. He was the strict disciplinarian and a great ruler of Islamic history. He made many reforms in Judicial as well as today’s police system. Syedna Umar Farooq e Azam was the second pious Khalifa of Islam. All the world is still looking for his great steps which brought so many changes in human lives.

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