Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari By Waheed Ahmad Pdf Download

Book Name: Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari

Writer: Waheed Ahmad Masood Sabri


Waheed Ahmad Masood Qutbi Sabri is the author of the book Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari Pdf. The author of this biography was the prolific disciple of Hazrat Makhdoon Alauddin. He learned a lot from his great mentor who belonged to the Sabri order of Chishti.

The book Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari Pdf is the complete biography of Hazrat Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmad Sabir Kaliyari. He was the staunch follower of Hazrat Baba Fareed Ud Din Masood Ganj Shakar. Besides this, he was also the nephew and son in law of the great Sufi of Subcontinent. Furthermore, he was the great Sufi of South Asia in the 13th Century.

After the demise of his mentor, he became the Khalifa who by his words preached the people. I hope you will like the book Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari Pdf. Here on the site, You can download Hazrat Makhdoom Alauddin Sabir Kaliyari books in Pdf. You can also read Iqbal Kay Hazoor, Taleem e Ghausia, and Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian Jahanghasht.

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