Ajaibat e Farang by Ali Sufyan Afaqi Pdf

Book name: Ajaibat e Farang

Writer: Ali Sufyan Afaqi


Ajaibat e Farang Book is written by Ali Sufyan Afaqi. The author of the book was a well-known poet and writer. He wrote many books, and he was also a great playwright of his time. It is the travelogue of Ali Sufian to the motherland of Europe United Kingdom.

Ali Sufyan Afaqi wrote Ajaibat e Farang Book and got appreciation from contemporary writers. Because he mentioned many exciting things about Great Britain that nobody described earlier, this travelogue is one of the UK’s greatest travelogues of these kinds. I hope you will like Book Ajaibat e Farang pdf by Ali Sufyan Afaqi and share it with your friends.

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