Agar Mujhe Qatal Kia Gaya By Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Pdf

Book Name: Agar Mujhe Qatal Kia Gaya

Writer: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto


The book Agar Mujhe Qatal Kia Gaya Pdf is the Urdu translation of ‘If I Am Assassinated’ by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was one of the most influential political leaders in the history of Pakistan. He was the visionary leader and politician who founded PPP and raised a slogan of Food, Cloth, and Shelter. His charismatic personality led the country to the road of development during 1971 to 1977.

The book Agar Mujhe Qatal Kia Gaya Pdf is about the life, politics, and imprisonment of the then Prime Minister ZA Bhutto. He wrote this book in the death cell from where he was executed in 1977. This book prohibited to publish during the regime of martial laws. Sani Hussain Panhwar reproduced this book which tells about the execution of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. It was Zia Ul Haq regime when Bhutto hanged to death due to the murder case. I hope you will like this book Agar Mujhe Qatal Kia Gaya Pdf.

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