Abba Na Labba By Muhammad Abbas Toorvi Pdf

Book Name: Abba Na Labba

Writer: Muhammad Abbas Toorvi


Muhammad Abbas Toorvi is the writer of the comic book Abba Na Labba Pdf. The author of this funny booklet is a newcomer to Urdu literature. He is establishing his foot in Urdu by writing some exceptional books. And, this one is the open testify to all those who want to read something very funniest.

Abba Na Labba Pdf is somehow a Punjabi title, but the tale is inspiring for the readers. In this booklet, Muhammad Abbas Toorvi portrays the life of a married man who has to face the severe behaviors of his two wives. They always give him a tough time inside the house. Muhammad Abbas Toorvi wants to do something different, which might cause him perplexing, and at last, he becomes the hero of two quarreling wives. I hope you will love to read this book Abba Na Labba Pdf and share it with your friends.

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