Aatish Zadah Novel By Rizwan Ali Soomro Pdf

Book Name: Aatish Zadah Novel

Writer: Rizwan Ali Soomro


Rizwan Ali Soomro is the author of the book Aatish Zadah Novel Pdf. He is a famous story writer and established novelist who writes regularly for the Digests. He produced dozens of stories and novels in his career. Rizwan Ali Soomro wrote on various topics by earned fame for horror stories. He highlighted the people’s issues in the interior of Sindh and southern Punjab. He criticized the evil customs and traditions in the rural area which affect women.

The book Aatish Zadah Novel Pdf is a social, horror, thrilling, and adventure story by Rizwan Ali Soomro. In this novel, the writer describes the life of a beautiful girl who faced strange events and fearful characters. A black cat always followed her when she traveled to any place. The cat threatened her with abnormal activity, bringing many difficulties for the girl. I hope you like the book Aatish Zadah Novel Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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