Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum By Samuel P Huntington Pdf

Book Name: Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum

Writer: Samuel P Huntington


Samuel Phillips Huntington wrote the hypothesis Clash Of Civilisations, which opened a new subject of conflicting theory. Later, this book was translated into many languages worldwide, and this Urdu version of Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum Pdf is one of them. Samuel P Huntington was a great American writer, thinker, political advisor of the NSC, and the White House advisor.

Tehzeebon Ka Tasadum Pdf is the Urdu translation of the famous English book The Clash of Civilisations. This book was published in 1993, in which he argued about the cold war of the new world order.

Samuel P Huntington preferred culture over anything else because, according to him, future wars would be fought on a cultural basis rather than political matters. After this, the whole world conceived a new theory, which later proved the shape of extremism in the world.

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