Teen Bata Aik Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat Pdf

Book Name: Teen Bata Aik Novel

Writer: Malik Safdar Hayat


Malik Safdar Hayat is the author of Teen Bata Aik Novel Pdf. Malik Safdar Hayat is a retired DSP who wrote many excellent books. He authored stories that were based on actual incidents. Because he remained an investigation officer during the British crown in United India, he investigated many crimes. He wrote all these events in the shape of real stories during his job.

Teen Bata Aik Novel Pdf is an exciting action and mystery story. It is an incredible skill of the writer who wrote on the complicated case. Three men were involved in the event of a woman and tried to make her fall in love with them.

But, she does not want to indulge in any one of them. It creates a little bit of harshness among them, and they are intrigued to kill her. This book is full of thrillers, action, crimes, blood, and suspense. I hope you will like the book Teen Bata Aik Novel Pdf by Malik Safdar Hayat and share it with your friends on social media.

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