Shaitan Sahib By Ibn e Safi Pdf Free Download

Book Name: Shaitan Sahib

Author: Ibn e Safi


Ibn e Safi is the author of the book Shaitan Sahib Novel Pdf. It is another fantastic book by the mysterious writer of Urdu language. Ibn e Safi is the most popular name who got fame through Imran Series. He introduced fiction in Urdu novel writing and remained a most successful author of Imran Series.

The book Shaitan Sahib Novel Pdf is the continuing part of his writings. This book contains suspense, thriller, and some funny characters. The author presented some characters in it amazingly and pointed out the characteristic of Satan.

Here on the site, You can download Ibn e Safi books in Pdf. You may read Shehzor Novel CompleteSookhay Gulab NovelPandare Urdu Novel.

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