Saif e Chishtiyai By Peer Mehar Ali Shah Pdf

Book Name: Saif e Chishtiyai

Writer: Peer Mehar Ali Shah


Peer Mehar Ali Shah is the author of the book Saif e Chishtiyai Pdf. He is one of the most fantastic spiritual mentors and speakers of Islam. Meanwhile, Peer Mehar Ali Shah got famous worldwide due to his tremendous work for the Name of Rasool Allah SAW. After his great work for Islam, he became the intellectual and Sufi in the Muslim world.

The book Saif e Chishtiyai Pdf contains the replies of Pir Mehar Ali Shah to Mirza Ahmed Qadiyani. He declared himself the Prophet of Allah, which brought massive turmoil to the Muslim world. Mirza played with the hearts of Muslims, which made them furious.

After his false announcement of Prophethood, Pir Mehar Ali gave him an answer about his false Prophethood in this book. I hope you will like the book Saif e Chishtiyai Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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