Bustan Ul Muhadiseen By Shah Abdul Aziz Pdf

Book Name: Bustan Ul Muhadiseen

Writer: Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlvi

Translator: Maulana Abdul Sami


The book Bustan Ul Muhadiseen Pdf is a beautiful compilation by Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlvi. The author of this excellent book was the son of the most outstanding scholar Hazrat Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlvi. Shah Abdul Aziz got his primary education from his father and became a prominent Muhaddith and scholar of Islam. Despite these works, he was the first scholar to declare Hindustan Dar Ul Harab.

Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz compiled this book Bustan Ul Muhadiseen Pdf in Persian. Maulana Abdul Sami translated this beautiful Islamic book from Persian to Urdu language. This book contains the biography of the famous Muhadditheen and their teachings. Moreover, it describes the holy works and Sufism in the Indian subcontinent.

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