Sachal Sarmast Kalam Urdu By Shafqat Tanveer Pdf

Book Name: Sachal Sarmast Kalam

Writer: Shafqat Tanveer Mirza


Shafqat Tanveer Mirza is the author of the book Sachal Sarmast Kalam Urdu Pdf. He translated this Kalam of poetry into the Urdu language from Sindhi. It is popular poetry which contains the Sufism. The translator did a lot of with the sentences because he embraced this beautiful work with very kind heart.

This book Sachal Sarmast Kalam Urdu Pdf is a combination of verses and its translation into Urdu. Sachal Sarmast was a great Sufi poet from Sindh who turned the attention of many people towards Islam through his poetry. He was a mystic Sufi who wrote poetry in seven languages but, most of his work was found in Punjabi, Persian, and Sindhi. I hope you will like this book Sachal Sarmast Kalam Pdf.

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