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Book Name: Rapunzel Novel

Writer: Tanzeela Riaz


The book Rapunzel Novel Pdf by Tanzeela Riaz is another famous novelette. The author of this renowned booklet is a well-known name to the digest readers. Tanzeela Riaz authored nearly one dozen books, which became very famous among the readers. Aik Main Aur Aik Tum, Dasht e Zulmat Mien, Yahi Mera Hawala Hai, Kuch Ishq Tha Kuch Majboori Thi, and Ehd e Alast Novel got tremendous fame for her.

The book Rapunzel Novel Pdf by Tanzeela Riaz is another very famous novelette about the German tale in which the father tells the story of Rapunzel to his daughter. Its first episode was published in the Kiran Digest in July 2015, and now, you can download this heart-warming romantic novel incomplete text form. A large number of fans, especially women, like this incredible and socio-romantic novelette.

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