Noor Ul Qaloob Novel By Tanzeela Riaz Pdf

Book Name: Noor Ul Qaloob Novel

Writer: Tanzeela Riaz


Tanzeela Riaz is the author of the book Noor Ul Qaloob Novel Pdf. It is a beautiful social and romantic story that is publishing on a website. In this novel, Tanzeela Riaz describes the life of some people who became Sufi and left all the luxuries of life. But, instead, they turned their attention towards Allah and asked to apologize for their past life.

The writer gave the lesson of hard work, patience, and hope in a difficult time. Tanzeela Riaz said that people should request Allah Almighty’s help in the difficulties and believe in their struggle. Moreover, she gave Sufism’s touch to Noor Ul Qaloob and grabbed the readers’ attention.

Tanzeela Riaz is a leading story writer and established female novelist of Urdu. In her long and brilliant writing career, she authored dozens of stories and serialized novels. In addition, Tanzeela Riaz used her pen to educate the community on several moral issues.

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