Nawab Haider Ali Khan Bahadur By Almas MA Pdf

Book Name: Nawab Haider Ali Khan Bahadur

Writer: Almas MA


Almas MA wrote the book Nawab Haider Ali Khan Bahadur Novel pdf. He was a great military commander of the southern state of Indian Mysore. He was the only person who defeated the East India Company in the history of the Indian Subcontinent. Due to his great battle tactics, he did so and stunned everyone.

The book Nawab Haider Ali Khan Bahadur Novel pdf is somehow a biography of the rule of Mysore. He was the father of the late Tipu Sultan, who carried on his father’s mission after his death. It is a great historical novel that describes the entire life and battles of Nawab Haider Ali.

Almas MA was a legend story writer, historian, and novelist. In his long writing career, he authored dozens of stories and novels on history. Almas MA was a regular writer for the digests and magazines of Urdu. I hope you like the book Nawab Haider Ali Khan Bahadur Novel Pdf by Almas MA and share it with your friends.

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