Nabuwat Ke Jhoothe Dawedar By Zia Tasneem Bilgrami Pdf

Book Name: Nabuwat Ke Jhoothe Dawedar

Writer: Zia Tasneem Bilgrami


Zia Tasneem Bilgrami is the author of the book Nabuwat Ke Jhoothe Dawedar Pdf. She is a great Urdu writer and biographer who authored some brilliant books. But, Zia Tasneem Bilgrami got fame by writing Islamic books that contain the subject of the world’s great history.

The book Nabuwat Ke Jhoothe Dawedar Pdf is beautiful writing by him. In this book, Zia Tasneem Bilgrami used to describe the history of lier prophets. So, this book consists of false claimants of prophethood: Musailama Kazzab, Sajah Kahenah, Aswad Ansi, Elijah Muhammad, Mirza Hussain Ali Nuri, and last but not least, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. I hope you like the book Nabuwat Ke Jhoothe Dawedar Pdf and share it.

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