Mout Ki Wadi Novel By Rizwan Ali Soomro Pdf

Book Name: Mout Ki Wadi Novel

Writer: Rizwan Ali Soomro


The book Mout Ki Wadi Novel is an excellent story by Rizwan Ali Soomro. It is a horror and mysterious Urdu novel about the dead valley which swallowed many people. But, the death of a beautiful princess there created fear in the minds far from the areas. They coffin of her became a sign of horror as the visitors always sought it as a fearful activity in this valley. The story was published in a digest and grabbed the attention of the masses.

Rizwan Ali Soomro is a new writer and novelist. He is famous for writing suspicious, thriller, and action-adventure stories. Most of his novels became part of popular Urdu magazines and digests. Rizwan Ali Soomro used to write new topics that had never been published. That is the reason readers like his books. I hope you will like the book Mout Ki Wadi Novel Pdf and share it with others.

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