Mom Ka Khilona by Fayyaz Mahi Download Free Pdf

Book Name: Mom Ka Khilona

Writer: Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi


Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi is the author of Mom Ka Khilona Novel. He is the best Urdu writer and novelist of Urdu language. He authored a large number of beautiful books which became as super hit stories after release. His incredible style of writing the stories earned him the enormous fame that is why many publishers want to publish his books.

The book Mom Ka Khilona Novel pdf is the heart-wrenching story Fayyaz Mahi. He wrote this book in the context of the on-going socio-political scenario of Pakistan. He told the story of the young boy he wants to fight against the evil powers. This young man struggles and faces many problems but, he does not lose his heart. After all, he comes up with the aim of uprooting these bad evils of hypocrites and social illnesses and stands successfully. I hope you will like this book Mom Ka Khilona Novel pdf.

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