Mohabbat Ke Anokhay Phool By Ruqayya Ali Pdf

Book Name: Mohabbat Ke Anokhay Phool Novel

Writer: Ruqayya Ali


Ruqayya Ali is the author of the book Mohabbat Ke Anokhay Phool Novel Pdf. She is a talented female story writer and famous novelist who made her career quickly. She writes for the digests and magazines of Urdu. Ruqayya Ali penned many superb novels and romance stories that gave her identity. She adopted a unique writing style and used her pen to educate the community on several issues.

The book Mohabbat Ke Anokhay Phool Novel Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and reform story by Ruqayya Ali. It was published in a monthly digest, and got an appreciation for its unique topic. In this novel, Ruqayya Ali describes the importance of girls’ education through a story. She said we live in a feudal society where people are ashamed to educate girls.

The author told a family life where a father decided to educate her daughters. He faced pressure from his relatives and other external elements but stood by his decision. The man believed that only education makes the girls strong and they can decide their plans. I hope you like the book Mohabbat Ke Anokhay Phool Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

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