Man O Salwa Novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf Download

Book Name: Man O Salwa Novel

Writer: Umera Ahmed


Umera Ahmed is the author of the book Man O Salwa Novel Pdf. It is another superhit social and reforming novel by her. This novel published in Khawateen Digest in 2007 and got huge readerships. The writer tells the curse of poverty which ruins the lives of the people. There are three main characters of the story which mingle with each other for emotional feelings. It is the sum up of social needs and behaviours of the people.

The book Man O Salwa Novel Pdf is a well-written story by Umera Ahmed. She is the widely-read female novelist from Pakistan. She is the dominant screenwriter who penned many blockbuster stories. A number of best-selling novels she has on her credit. We hope that our valued readers will like the book Man O Salwa Novel Pdf.

Here on site, You can download Umera Ahmed’s Urdu Novels in Pdf. You can also read Soda NovelKhali Botlain Khali Dabbay and Muthi Bhar Mitti.

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