Ma Ul Malook Novel By Nighat Seema Pdf

Book Name: Ma Ul Malook Novel

Writer: Nighat Seema


Nighat Seema is the author of the book Ma Ul Malook Novel Pdf. She is a famous female story writer and legend novelist in Urdu. She is a regular writer for digests and magazines. Nighat Seema has authored dozens of books and novels with a broad readership. She has set many new trends in novel writing, followed by other writers.

The book Ma Ul Malook Novel PDF is a social, romantic, and reform story by Nighat Seema. It is published in the episode in a monthly digest. In this novel, Nighat Seema describes the complications in a joint family. She talked about the positive and negative things that develop in this lifestyle.

Nighat Seema glorified the role of the guardian in the family. He was just and kind to everyone, which united the family. A girl was the granddaughter of the man who was the favorite child in the family. I hope you like the book Ma Ul Malook Novel PDF and share it with your friends.

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