Laraib Novel By Lubna Ghazal Complete Pdf Download

Book Name: Laraib Novel Complete

Writer: Lubna Ghazal


The book Laraib Novel Pdf is a fantastic social reforming story written by Lubna Ghazal. This novel is about the life of a girl who accidentally became a model and joined the show biz as a heroine. After a short time, she felt dull. She wanted to get rid of her current post, but the net covered her from all sides. At the same time, she met a handsome boy Rayan who helped her a lot and brought out her anxiety.

The story does not end here when the girl comes out from such a horrific situation. The boy marries that girl and brings her with him to his family. His family was not ready to accept by knowing that she had been a model. Some many ups and downs that make this novel very interesting.

Lubna Ghazal wrote this excellent book Laraib Novel Pdf, which got an appreciation from the readers. She has tremendous writing skills. Lubna Ghazal has been writing for famous Urdu digests. Now, she has many blockbuster novels on her credit.

I hope you will like this book Laraib Novel Pdf and share it. Here on the site, You can download Lubna Ghazal novels in pdf. You can also read Kasa e Dil Novel and Hum Raqs Novel & Dard e Bekraan Novel.

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