Konse Ansoo Uske Thy By Nabeela Abar Raja Pdf

Book Name: Konse Ansoo Uske Thy Novel

Author: Nabeela Abar Raja


The book Konse Ansoo Uske Thy Novel Pdf is an excellent Social Romantic tale written by Nabeela Abar Raja. She is a famous Urdu digest writer and novelist. She authored some quality and best-selling novels. Her every story brought her to mainstream fame.

Nabeela Abar Raja writes the book Konse Ansoo Uske Thy Novel Pdf. In this novel, the writer tells the repentance of a young girl who loses her husband due to her low education. She was highly educated, and she never prioritized her husband because he did not meet her requirements for education. After a long time, she suffered a lot and had tears as she did not do right with him.

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