Koi Sham Ghar Bhi Raha Karo by Bashir Badr Download Free Pdf

Book name: Koi Sham Ghar Bhi Raha Karo

Writer: Bashir Badr


Koi Sham Ghar Bhi Raha Karo Book is written by Bashir Badr. The author of this poetry book is a famous Indian writer. He wrote several books including Aasman and Kulliyat e Badr which brought him to the mainstream fame in the subcontinent. He also remained the teacher at Aligarh University. His most of works include poetry collections.

This Koi Sham Ghar Bhi Raha Karo Book is another big collection of poems. It is also full of best ghazals and stanzas. Moreover, this book shows his perfect loveable inclinations towards Urdu Literature.  I hope you will like this beautiful poetry gift.

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