Bas Yahi Dil By Abu Yahya Pdf Download

Book Name: Bas Yahi Dil

Writer: Abu Yahya


Abu Yahya is the author of the book Bas Yahi Dil Pdf. Abu Yahya is a renowned Pakistani writer and scholar. He penned more than a dozen books but, he gained popularity by the writing the book When life begins. He did his masters in computer technology and Islamic studies. Moreover, he is doing a PhD thesis in social sciences subject. Besides these, he is the chief editor of popular magazine Inzaar.

This book Bas Yahi Dil Pdf is another great Islamic work of the writer. In this book, the writer tells the importance of Heart. A heart always beats only for Allah, who is the creator of this world. If anyone does a wrong deed, it is only due to his/her heart’s rust because it does not take direction. By writing this book, Abu Yahya describes the nerves and righteousness of the centre for good deeds.

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