Kalay Raste Novel By MA Rahat Pdf Download

Book Name: Kalay Raste Novel

Writer: MA Rahat


MA Rahat is the author of the book Kalay Raste Novel Pdf. MA Rahat is a well-known name to Urdu readers. He is a distinguished author, short story writer, fiction writer, and novelist. He authored more than one hundred best novels and books, which got him fame around the world.

The book Kalay Raste Novel Pdf by MA Rahat is another great fiction story. It is an incredible novelette which also contains some fictional character in it. This is the story of a young man who leaves the right path of his life and walks away on the wrong track. He doesn’t have faith in the resurrection and does all bad things. Finally, he comes to know that he always remained in the dark with bad habits.

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