Kachray Ki Aurat Novel By Rehana Sattar Hashmi Pdf

Book Name: Kachray Ki Aurat Novel

Writer: Rehana Sattar Hashmi


Rehana Sattar Hashmi is the author of the book Kachray Ki Aurat Novel Pdf. She is a leading female story writer and established novelist who writes for digests and magazines. Rehana Sattar Hashmi penned dozens of stories and romance novels, giving her identity and respect. She used her pen to highlight public issues and point out the evils of society.

The book Kachray Ki Aurat Novel Pdf is a social, romantic, and reform story by Rehana Sattar Hashmi. It was published in a monthly digest and captured the readers’ attention. The writer disclosed the life of a girl who belonged to a nomadic tribe. She has no wealth and collects garbage to earn some rupees to get food for her family.

The girl was interested in a boy of his tribe and promised to marry him. One day, the girl found a precious stone in the waste and became wealthy by selling it in the bazaar. She settled in a city with her family and forgot the promise to the boy, who was sad about it. I hope you like and share the book Kachray Ki Aurat Novel Pdf with your social media friends.

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