Islami Ibadaat Aur Jadeed Science By S M Noor Pdf

Book Name: Islami Ibadaat Aur Jadeed Science

Writer: S M Noor


S M Noor is the author of Islami Ibadaat Aur Jadeed Science Pdf. S M Noor is a well-known researcher and scholar of Islam. He authored this beautiful book and got immense fame around the Muslims world. He wrote this book in accordance with Islamic prayers and modern science. Hence, it is the excellent writing which shows the right direction for the readers.

The book Islami Ibadaat Aur Jadeed Science Pdf is a collection of volumes on Islamic Prayers and their benefits for human life. Every Mulsim performs obligatory prayers of Islam like Namaz, Roza (fasting), Zakat, and Hajj (Pilgrimage). The writer elaborated that performing of namaz is very helpful for a healthy life and fasting makes the human’s life more vigilant. Moreover, pilgrimage is another obligatory work which creates harmony among people. So, read and spread this book to enhance your knowledge about the basic principles of Islam.

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