Ihdinas Sirat Al Mustaqeem by Tanzeela Riaz Pdf

Book Name: Ihdinas Sirat Al Mustaqeem

Writer: Tanzeela Riaz


Tanzeela Riaz is the authoress of the book Ihdinas Sirat Al Mustaqeem Pdf. She is a great Urdu female writer, short story writer, and novelist. She has been writing for a long time for the famous Urdu digest. But now, Tanzeela Riaz has written in the shape of complete books, which gave her much popularity.

The book Ihdinas Sirat Al Mustaqeem Pdf is a tributary work by Tanzeela Riaz. This booklet is a combination of short stories that have a moral lesson for the reader. She exposed the secrets of humanity in these stories. Does and Dont’s are the things that make a difference among the human being. So, it is a great story that will bring you to the light of another life.

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