Ibn e Shaitan Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat Pdf

Book Name: Ibn e Shaitan Novel

Writer: Malik Safdar Hayat


Malik Safdar Hayat is the author of the book Ibn e Shaitan Novel. Malik Safdar Hayat is a retired police officer. He authored many books and stories based on true events during British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Malik Safdar Hayat worked under the supervision of the British officers and got vast experience in an investigation. Therefore, he had full command over the interrogation procedure.

The book Ibn e Shaitan Novel Pdf is also a collection of criminal stories. It is an interesting book that contains thrilling and suspense base stories. In this book, the writer describes the true events and accidents of murder and killing.

The investigation agencies had to work hard to find out the real culprits. And, the writer always showed his best to find them every time. All these stories are based on real events full of betrayal, killing, and abduction. I hope you like the book Ibn e Shaitan Novel by Malik Safdar Hayat and share it with your friends.

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