Hum Dekhenge Novel By Rayeha Maryam Pdf Download

Book Name: Hum Dekhenge Novel

Writer: Rayeha Maryam


Rayeha Maryam is the author of the book Hum Dekhenge Novel Pdf. She is a talented and emerging female story writer of Urdu. She chooses a variety of topics to write about. Besides writing the astonishing stories, she also wrote some amazing novels which published and got high readerships from the fans.

The book Hum Dekhenge Novel Pdf is a social, cultural, and romantic story which published in a digest and got amazing readerships. It is an excellent story which tells ongoing serious issues of child abuse and human trafficking. The author told the reasons and aftermath scenario of such heinous crimes. There are many people involved in this biggest offensive business of child abuse. I hope you will like to read this book Hum Dekhenge Novel Pdf.

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  1. Indeed its a best novel i came across , Beautifully written on the sensitive topic of child abuse , a very common practice in our society .
    Prayers and best wishes for the writer .


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