Hakeemi Taxi By Asar Nomani Download Pdf

Book Name: Hakeemi Taxi

Writer: Asar Nomani


The book Hakeemi Taxi Pdf is an amazing Urdu funny story by Asar Nomani. The author of this funny writing is a well-known name to the readers of the Urdu language. He authored some excellent books on various topics but, fun was his subject.

Asar Nomani writes the book Hakeemi Taxi Pdf which is another satire work. It is a story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl. The parents of the girl want to marry her with their cunning and greedy relatives. When the boy came to know about that, he saves her life from them.

Here on, You can download Asar Nomani’s Urdu books in Pdf. You may also read Ghar Ki MurghiDajla UrduGhulami Aur Nasal Parasti.

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