Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed By Rai Kamal Pdf

Book Name: Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed

Writer: Rai Muhammad Kamal


Rai Muhammad Kamal is the author of the book Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed Pdf. It is a beautiful book describing Mureed Hussein’s life, who killed blasphemous Dr. Ram Gopal. The book describes the entire event in detail as Rai Muhammad Kamal narrated it from the start of the agitation which rose among the Muslims.

The book Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed Pdf is a biography that tells every aspect of the incident in 1935. He was the son of a Numberdar named Chaudhry Abdullah, living in the district Chakwal. Those days a piece of news spread that a Hindu veterinary doctor Ram Gopal has dared blasphemous acts and rascality.

The news flared the sentiments of the Muslims, and then, the true lover Mureed Hussein firmly committed to killing this man. Moreover, He reached Gorganwan of district Hissar where he killed that rascal, Ram Gopal. I hope you will love to read the book Ghazi Mureed Hussain Shaheed Pdf by Rai Muhammad Kamal and share it with your friends.

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