Aks e Khushboo By Parveen Shakir Pdf

Book Name: Aks e Khushboo

Writer: Parveen Shakir


The book Aks e Khushboo Pdf is written by Parveen Shakir. This book is a collection of excellent poetry. In this book, she explained the narratives of romance, love, emotions, beauty, and inner feelings of a human. Most of her poetry tells the nerves about love and feminism. Social stigmas also bring beauty to her poetry verses. So, it contains beautiful ghazals, poems, and stanzas.

The book Aks e Khushboo Pdf is another very popular collection of Parveen Shakir. She was a proud teacher, Urdu poet, and civil servant. She wrote Khushbu which was of her first volume of poetry. Subsequently, she wrote other poetry books including Sad e Brg, Inkar, and Mah e Tamam. Parveen Shakir always tried to show feminism and romanticism in all of her poetry works. We hope our readers will like the book Aks e Khushboo Pdf.

Here on site, You can download Parveen Shakir’s books in Pdf. You may also read Kulliyat e Nasir KazmiSad e BargShayad Poetry Book.

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