Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem Free Pdf

Book name: Abdullah Novel

Writer: Hashim Nadeem


The book Abdullah Novel is written by Hashim Nadeem. He is a great writer, producer, playwright, biographer, and novelist. He produced many super hit books which considered one of the best-selling books ever. His excellent command over the sentence structure gave him much repute among the novelists. Now, you can download Hashim Nadeem books in Pdf format form this best Urdu website.

This book Abdullah Novel pdf by Hashim Nadeem is a classic romantic story. It is the romantic story of the boy Abdullah who falls in love with a girl, and continuing love remains at the bar. After few days, due to the hardships which he faces, he turns his attention towards the Almighty Allah. Then, the artificial love of the world makes its own way and turns into the real love of Allah. I hope you will like this book Abdullah Novel pdf.

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