Aatish Fishan Novel by Iqbal Kazmi Free Pdf

Book Name: Aatish Fishan Novel

Writer: Iqbal Kazmi


Iqbal Kazmi writes the book Aatish Fishan Novel Pdf. It is one of the best Urdu novels published for a long time in the suspense digests. Iqbal Kazmi wrote it beautifully episode-wise, now available in the complete text form. He earned fame worldwide due to his excellent style of writing.

Aatish Fishan by Iqbal Kazmi is the story of a boy whose parents were murdered by the mafia. He launched a secret operation against this mafia, and during this, he found some people who supported him against a secret war. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the girl, who also helped him and encourages him to take revenge for his parent’s blood. Finally, he takes revenge for the murder of his family with the support of the people.

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