Yeh Zindagi Ik Tashnagi By Sajida Ghulam Muhammad

Book Name: Yeh Zindagi Ik Tashnagi Novel

Author: Sajida Ghulam Muhammad


Sajida Ghulam Muhammad is the author of Yeh Zindagi Ik Tashnagi Novel Pdf. It is a beautiful woven social reforming novel which describes the social issues of life. This novel is about the common problems which everyone is facing in their family and homes. Moreover, hypocrisy, hate, and disrespect are the evils of society. So, it is a phenomenal piece of writing of Urdu literature.

The book Yeh Zindagi Ik Tashnagi Novel Pdf is an excellent story by Sajida Ghulam Muhammad. She is a trendy name among females. Most of her writings contain literary material, including Islamic stories. She always writes on social and moral issues just to bring reforms. We hope that you will like the book Yeh Zindagi Ik Tashnagi Novel Pdf and Share it on social media.

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