Talismat e Farang By Ali Sufyan Afaqi Download Pdf

Book Name: Talismat e Farang

Writer: Ali Sufyan Afaqi


Ali Sufyan Afaqi is the author of Talismat e Farang Travelogue. The author is a famous travel writer. He wrote some good books on the different places. Ali Sufyan presented his monumental tours in the shape of books. He also wrote short stories and novels which publish in the famous digests.

The book Talismat e Farang Pdf is another excellent travelogue which contains the tours and general info about the tourist places in England. He tells in this book about the different areas of Europe especially Great Britain. He compared the living standard of the people with Pakistani. There are frequent facilities which the people of Europe are enjoying but, in Pakistan people do not get their necessities of life. I hope you will like this book Talismat e Farang Pdf.

Here, You can download Ali Sufyan Afaqi books in PDF. You can also read Ajeeb Jang NovelAiwanon Ke Khwabeeda CharaghAjaibat e Farang.

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