Kulliyat e Aatish By Haider Ali Aatish Pdf Download

Book Name: Kulliyat e Aatish

Writer: Haider Ali Aatish


Khwaja Haider Ali Aatish is one of the greatest poets of Urdu literature. He is the contemporary poet of Ghalib and Iqbal. He became the greatest rival of the Urdu poet Imam Bakhsh Nasikh and proved his superiority. Haider Ali Aatish took the renaissance of the Urdu language after the end of Persian language. Mushafi was the teacher of the legendary poet who gave the new Idea after the war of independence of 1857. The book Kulliyat e Aatish Pdf is the best work which shows the importance of poetry.

The book Kulliyat e Aatish Pdf is a beautiful work by Haider Ali Aatish. It is the collection of his poetry including poems, ghazals, and stanzas. This poetry book competed for the contemporary poets who raised the Urdu language at Lucknow. They put new life in the language of the subcontinent. I hope you will like this book Kulliyat e Aatish Pdf.

Here on site, You can download Haider Ali Aatish’s poetry in Pdf. You can also read Daman Day MotiKulliyat e Mushafi and Kulliyat e Hafeez Jaunpuri.

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