Kali Haweli Gori Larki Novel By Inspector Nawaz Pdf

Book Name: Kali Haweli Gori Larki Novel

Writer: Inspector Nawaz Khan


Inspector Nawaz Khan is the author of the book Kali Haweli Gori Larki Novel Pdf. He is a well-known police officer who worked in the special branch during British rule and after Pakistan’s independence. He was very active and conscious of his criminal targets. The British government wanted to use these native personnel for their purposes but couldn’t succeed. Inspector Nawaz Khan is the most famous Urdu fiction writer, and he has an excellent command of his words.

The book Kali Haweli Gori Larki Novel PDF is a collection of some astonishing stories. It includes Aakhri Mohabbat, Chhupi Rustam, Dulhan Ka Sawali, and Buri Aurat. These stories are based on the actual incidents that happened during the British rule in India. This novel is full of action, crime, thrillers, and suspense. Inspector Nawaz Khan describes many heart-wrenching events at crime scenes. I hope you like the book Kali Haweli Gori Larki Novel PDF and share it with your friends.

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