Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha by A Hameed Free Pdf

Book Name: Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha

Writer: A Hameed


A Hameed is the author of the book Jab Dhaka Jal Raha Tha Pdf. He is the leading Urdu writer who wrote more than five hundred books and novels. He is also a great author, biographer, historian, and novelist. Most of the books contain historical topics, and some of his stories are the best novels that the readers like and read.

The book is a masterpiece work by A Hameed. He wrote this booklet in the context of the debacle of East Pakistan. Indian forces, with the help of Mukti Bahni, committed atrocities in East Pakistan. It was all due to their malicious efforts, which they started since the 1965 war’s interruption. Finally, Bangladesh appeared as the country on the globe of the world.

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